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Per capita deaths in Arab Uprisings

Roughly, here are the per capita numbers for deaths only in the Arab uprisings – note the Libya figure is likely much higher.

What do these figures mean?

— The last three states with the lowest ratios were closest to US influence… but then again, Bahrain is also especially close and look what has happened, exceeding Syria… And Libya of course had moved into relative complicity with the US and the EU…


2000 Deaths in Libya/Population 6.4 mil              1: 3,200

36 Deaths in Bahrain/Population 791,473              1: 21,972

812 Deaths in Syria/Population 21 mil                    1: 25,862

223 Deaths in Tunisia/Population 10.4 mil            1: 46,636

846 Deaths in Egypt/Population 83 mil                  1: 98,108

140 Deaths in Yeman/Population 23.8 mil             1: 170,000

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