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Team Bush was pushing Sectarianism all along

Of course, we knew this even from the public record…. but, Really – what does “without crossing the sectarian redlines” mean…. no wonder these guys messed things up so royally.

From Wikileaks: “…Without crossing the sectarian redlines, the Embassy strongly urges more focus on Syria’s strong relationship with Iran and Hezbollah, while focusing on the Shiites attacks on the Arab world. We believe that it should emphasize the financial support provided by the Iranian government to Hezbollah’s violent attacks on the Arabs. The message that “Syria simply carried out the wishes of the Shiites in Iran” should destroy Bashar’s local & regional image and complicate his attempts to present himself as a ‘Sunni’ Arab leader… Syria’s refusal to participate constructively in the Arab League mission in Lebanon (though Syria is the honorary president of the League this year) also provides a point of weakness for exploitation of public diplomacy. These atmospherics will strengthen the messages of Egypt and Saudi Arabia …”

— Yeah, and the last two regimes are really great – great to be on their side….


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May 11, 2011 at 9:11 pm

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