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Saudi Blogger Mujtahid details Arab-KSA led efforts (four years too late) to end Syria war with Bashar staying (for sometime at least)

From Al-Akhbar but with Mujtahid quoted tweets… nevertheless… an interesting turn we are seeing in many media reports – the essence is a way to get an Arab agreement on Bashar staying (for now) and stopping this war.

Translated by in tonight’s Daily Briefing: “…The first reaction came from within the Kingdom through the tweets of famous Saudi Tweeter, Mujtahid, who revealed the existence of “an Emirati, Egyptian, Jordanian, Omani agreement to rehabilitate the Syrian regime; and attempts at convincing Saudi Arabia to approve the plan.” Through the tweets that he published Friday evening, Mujtahid said that the four countries agreed on that the “man who can be addressed in Saudi Arabia is Mohammad Ben Salman. Mohammad Ben Zayed made serious efforts to convince him.” He added that “the meeting between Ben Salman and Ali Mamlouk was part of this arrangement. Ben Zayed asked Mamlouk to be extremely nice to him.”

“Mujtahid indicated that the Saudi Deputy Crown Prince promised that the Kingdom will not object to the rehabilitation of the Syrian regime and the return of the ambassadors of any country to Damascus “provided that the Saudi participation in this arrangement is delayed.” He added that “Ben Salman has no reservations and the reason for his hesitation is because the American and Turkish intelligence services believe that Al-Assad will not be lasting for much longer and that it’s wrong to bet on him….”

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August 10, 2015 at 6:51 pm

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