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Hizbullah’s fourth post-2000 wave may be gathering: Deepening involvement is State affairs as corruption is viewed as growing, exisitential threat

A very interesting piece in the independent leftist As-Safir daily by Habib Fayad (translated today by our

The first major change in Hizbullah’s stance post 2000 was it’s 2005/post-Syrian withdrawal involvement directly in the Lebanese “state.” The second could be seen in it’s alliance with the Christian FPM and then the commanding overthrow of Saad Hariri’s government and the spirit of Doha in January 2011 with the rise of Miqati’s cabinet. The third wave, let’s say, was the deepening involvement in Syria and beyond (in many dimensions) combined with the deepening acceptance of the “state” in, over and around Hizbullah power centres (the Syrian border, dahiye etc). The fourth wave may now be approaching, and here I agree with Fayad who writes:

“…Hezbollah, the main representative of the third team, will soon be forced to actively engage in dealing with people’s matters for considerations that are no less important than those considerations pushing the Party to engage the political process and confronting the security and military threats. In light of the reigning corruption and the collapse of services, the Party will not hesitate for too long before moving into dealing with people’s [daily livelihood] matters. The Party’s engagement in the confrontation along the Israeli and takfiri terrorism’s fronts does not excuse it from engaging in the confrontation to lift the deprivation off of the people…”

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August 10, 2015 at 6:35 pm

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