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War is coming: Three billionaires seek to actively destabilize Lebanon; Europe should get ready for a disaster beyond even the Syria war

PM Hariri’s statement – from Saudi Arabia no less – on his resignation that destroys Lebanon’s invaluable security consensus (on eof the few examples of real Sunni-Shia power sharing and also an important Sunni-Christian power sharing arrangement with President Aoun). Hariri, Trump and MB Salman, alongside some Israeli leaders and other GCC folks, are about to plunge everyone into a Great War.

Europe: it is time to decide if you will let the Billionaire Guy’s club hasten a war which will transform your states, and your fragile union, in ways far beyond the difficult years of the Syria crisis and refugee crisis specifically. Think about your collective interests, and yes, the interests of the people of this region too.

Hariri’s resignation statement:
In an unexpected development, Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation today during a trip to Saudi Arabia. In a statement, Hariri condemned Iran’s intervention, saying it sows discord and destruction wherever it goes. “Its intervention in the affairs of Arab countries is witness to that, in Lebanon and Syria and Iraq and Bahrain and Yemen.” He said Iran’s actions are inspired by deep hatred against the Arab nation and wants to destroy and control. “It is unfortunate that Iran found among our sons those who joined it and announce openly allegiance to Iran and attempts to kidnap Lebanon from its Arab and international environment in terms of values and principles,” Hariri said. “I mean by that Hezbollah, the Iranian arm not only in Lebanon but also in Arab countries.”

According to Hariri, “Hezbollah was unfortunately able during the past decades to impose a fait accompli in Lebanon with the force of its arms, which it claims are weapons of resistance. It is directed against the chests of our brothers in Syria and Yemen in addition to the Lebanese. ” Hariri said Lebanon was suffering from that internally but also in its relations with the arab brothers. Hariri said the international condemnation and economic sanctions were due to Iran and its branch, Hezbollah. “We all read what Iranian leaders have indicated that Iran controls the fate of the countries of the region and that it is impossible in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and north Africa and the Arab Gulf to take any decisive step without Iran.”

Addressing Iran and its followers, Hariri said they will fail in their interventions in Arab affairs. “Our nation will rise as it did in the past and the arms stretched out with harm against it will be cut off . As it responded to you in Bahrain and Yemen, it will respond to you in all parts of our dear nation and evil will fire back at those behind it.”

Addressing the Lebanese people, Hariri said, “I vowed to you when I assumed the responsibility to seek the unity of the Lebanese and to end political divisions and to restore the country’s sovereignty and to consecrate the principle of dissociation. Because of that, I was faced with a lot of harm. But I did not respond because I had Lebanon’s interests in mind and the Lebanese people. Unfortunately, this only prompted Iran and its followers to intervene more in our internal affairs.”

He said the depression in our countries and the divisions, and the rise of personal interests over national interests and the targeting of Arab security from Lebanon and the building of enmities that will not be useful to us cannot be accepted in any circumatances. I am confident it is the desire of the Lebanese people in all its confessions and components. We are living in circumstances that are similar to those that prevailed prior to the assassination of martyr Rafik Hariri. I felt what was being plotted to target my life. And based on the principles that I inherited from my father martyr Rafik Hariri and which I believe in and the principles of the Cedards Revolution and because I don’t accept to disappoint or deceive the Lebanese, I announce my resignation from the Lebanese Government, but while aware that the will of the Lebanese is stronger and their determination more firm and they will be able through their women and men to overcome the hegemony over them from inside or outside.” I promise you with more optimistic future and a sovereign Lebanon that is ruled by the law and protected by one army and one arms.


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