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Security at Tunisia’s airport is terrible and was major source of concern ahead of #EgyptAir crash

Over more than a year – indeed for several years – security at Carthage Airport in Tunis has been a major source of concern for Western Countries (and increasingly for Tunisian security officials themselves).

Not a great source, and this is not to say that this will end up as the crash determination, but a good wrap up:

This could be a major blow for Tunisia if a bomb was smuggled on board in Tunis.

Remember that Tunisia is a major exporter of extremist fighters and has been a major focus of ISIS and AQ cells, especially in the last year. It now may literally be exporting bombs and attacks via aviation and not just Tunisian nationals.

Also, for those of us who regularly use the airport, security is evidently lax – with plainclothes people/possibly officials sometimes seen roaming the tarmac, the perimeter “fence”is laughable and checks for employees at various stages that the public can see are awful.

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May 19, 2016 at 7:34 pm

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