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TRANSLATED: Iraqi president said to survive another assassination attempt

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On December 10, the independent Az-Zaman newspaper carried the following report by its correspondent in London Nidal al-Laythi: “Sources close to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed that Al-Abadi was inclined to form a new national non-sectarian party if the disputes between him and Vice President Nouri al-Maliki continue to escalate. The sources continued in statements to Az-Zaman that the disputes were escalating inside the Daawa Party between Al-Abadi, who is a leader in the party, and its chairman Al-Maliki. They also added to Az-Zaman that Al-Abadi was truly targeted by an attempted assassination during his inauguration of the Baghdad International Exhibition, an attempt that was thwarted and provoked his replacement by his deputy Baha’ al-Aaraji during the event. The sources revealed talk about the side that planned to assassinate Al-Abadi.

“They assured nonetheless that the plan was uncovered on time and was dealt with quietly. For his part, Al-Abadi had said yesterday that the presence of “fadhaiyin” [i.e. space men, in reference to the ghost elements in the Iraqi security and military apparatuses] was a dual crime, as it featured the theft of public funds and a security violation… He continued: “We have launched are work at the Interior Ministry and are addressing warning to all those who are unduly receiving their salaries. We have also started to topple the big whales and will pursue them till the end, even if this costs me my life and regardless of the campaigns to which we will be subjected. This is due to the fact that corruption is as dangerous as terrorism.” Asked about Al-Abadi’s reception of death threats as revealed by these statements…, the sources close to the prime minister said to Az-Zaman there were many threats…

“They continued: “We must not forget that the eradication of corruption affected many senior officers and it is known that whoever comes close to the corruption centers in Iraq is risking his life,” adding: “During the press conference he held in Baghdad, he wanted to make his position clear towards the corruption that has spread in all the institutions.” The sources assured in their statements to Az-Zaman that Al-Abadi was receiving regular reports about the Iraqis’ relief and support of the measures he has adopted, especially those targeting corruption, insisting that he will not back down on this. They added that Al-Abadi was convinced there was a link between corruption inside Iraq, and corruption and terrorism outside of Iraq, stating that he also knew that the corruption front inside the state apparatuses was the one funding terrorism and since the term of the former prime minster…

“Asked about the dispute between Al-Abadi and Al-Maliki and its repercussions on the work of the state apparatuses and the Daawa Party, the sources revealed to Az-Zaman that this dispute was interacting and escalating, especially at the level of partisan work. They continued: “We do not exclude, even expect Al-Abadi’s formation of a new political party,” indicating: “Al-Abadi wants to include all the factions of Iraqi society in this party…””

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