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The Mideastwire Blog:

Launched in May 2010, the Mideastwire Blog publishes key excerpts of’s daily translations garnered from the Arab and Iranian media.

Nicholas Noe:

Nicholas Noe is the co-founder of the Beirut-based news translation service, which celebrates its fifth year of operation in June 2010. Noe is also the editor of the 2007 book entitled, “Voice of Hezbollah: The Statements of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah” (Verso) which is the first attempt to bring together, and accurately translate, Nasrallah’s extensive speeches and interviews over the years.

In December 2008, Noe authored the Century Foundation/New America white paper entitled, “Re-Imagining the Lebanon Track: Towards a New US Policy.” He has published a range of op-eds and analyses over the years, including for the New York Times, the Guardian, the Huffington Post and the Asia Times. He is also an occasional commentator for Al-Jazeera English, Press TV and CNN, offering analysis of US foreign and domestic policy in the Levant and beyond.

Noe is a doctoral candidate at the Lebanese University in Hadath and resides in Beirut, Lebanon. is an Internet-based news service that employs a team of translators around the region to gather important stories from and about the Middle East.

Established in Beirut, Lebanon in June 2005, we began offering our services only to paying clients in September 2005.

As it currently stands we cover news from all 22 Arab countries, Iran, and the Arab media Diaspora generally. Thus our reach extends across the North Africa region as well as to the UK and other countries that host Pan-Arab media.


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May 1, 2010 at 3:01 pm

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