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TRANSLATED: US Ambassador to Yemen met Houthis at peace conference, mingled informally with delegation members

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On December 13, the Saudi-owned London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper carried the following report from Stockholm by its correspondent Badr al-Qahtani: “US Ambassador in Yemen Matthew Tueller looked exhausted. But as soon as he took his seat in the lobby of a hotel in the heart of the Swedish capital Stockholm, his smile returned… On the fifth day of the consultations [between the Yemeni sides], Asharq al-Awsat took 25 minutes of the busy ambassador’s time to ask: … What do you think about the consultations? Are you optimistic? Tueller assured that “diplomacy has succeeded, as revealed by the fact that the UN envoy was able to gather both sides here, get them to meet and talk to each other, and engage in discussions… Yet, the tensions are persisting because there is mistrust between the parties…”

“Tueller concluded his answer by saying regarding the post-Sweden stage: “Are we about to reach an agreement that will be violated by one of the parties as soon as it is signed? When the consultations in Sweden are completed, all the sides will return to their positions and start implementing what was agreed on. We hope that both teams will come back after several weeks and achieve further progress.” He was then asked: “You have always wondered whether or not the Houthis have matured politically. What do you think?” He replied: “We will see the extent to which they will commit to the implementation of the agreements signed here. Political maturity is usually reflected by such commitments, which also feature opportunities.” Asharq al-Awsat then asked the ambassador about his meeting with the members of the Houthi group.

“He said: “We held an official meeting between the ambassadors and a group that included a member of the Houthi delegation.” But in regard to whether or not he held a direct meeting with the Houthis…, he replied: “In my own way, I held contacts with some members of the Houthi team… Any meeting I hold is an official one, because I am the American ambassador in Yemen 24/7,” adding: “In reality, I would like to commend the wonderful accommodation arrangements provided to both sides, which gave them an opportunity to mingle in an unofficial fashion, and far away from any pressures…””

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