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Saudi Tweeter Mujtahid: MBS threatened Trump with disclosure over Trump Foundation donation “offers” pre & post-election

Excerpted from our Daily Briefing today (for a free trial, email “On October 19, 20, and 21, Saudi activist Mujtahid posted the following tweets on the developments of the Khashoggi case: “Contrary to his usual self, Bin Salman has left his yacht and spent the past few days at his palace in Al-Riyadh perhaps in fear of a potential family coup against him. He also intensified the surveillance on the rest of the princes especially those whom he believes might initiate an action or work with external sides. Contrary to what Reuters mentioned quoting a source, he is in full control of the situation and none of his powers have changed.

“Some princes had tried to meet with the king but Mohammad didn’t let them. They also did not manage to organize a large meeting between them in fear of arrest. They are thus meeting sporadically and in small numbers. Funny enough, these small meetings are taking place under heavy security measures and they are making every effort to remain concealed by driving around in old cars, without cell phones and wearing worn out clothes.

“Bin Salman is also living through a different fear represented by the Blackwater mercenaries turning against him or arresting him and handing him over to the family’s new leadership, which will be nominated by the western governments. His concern over the family conspiring against him, the western pressure and the Blackwater coup has caused him to become extremely tense and to double the dose [of substance] he is addicted to.

“On the other hand, the members of Bin Salman’s close entourage are living in fear as they realized that the man is willing to sacrifice the murderers who serve him for the sake of protecting himself and as they saw that he expressed his desire to liquidate some princes to prevent America and Europe from endorsing them especially Bin Nayef… It has been noticed that Saud al-Qahtani has not attended to his office since October 9 and that he stopped posting tweets. Someone else was appointed to tweet instead. His real role in what happened has not been elucidated yet. However, the certain part is that the man hated Khashoggi and that two of the killers were close to him. He also passed by Turkey as a regular traveller at the same time of the incident and using a different passport.

“Saud al-Qahtani clearly indicated, here through Twitter, that he only acts under the directions of Mohammad Bin Salman. If Bin Salman is pinning the responsibility of Khashoggi’s murder on him, he has to admit that he has appointed him to this task. Publish the following tweet [by Qahtani] in every language: “Do you think I act on my own without directions? I am an employee and a loyal implementer of my master’s orders, the king, and His Highness my master, the crown prince.”

“Now, finding the body is easy: As long as Bin Salman confessed that the eighteen [individuals] are responsible for Khashoggi’s slaying, they are supposed to confess immediately about the location of the body. The Turks first and the international media second must immediately ask the Saudi authorities to indicate the body’s location to them based on the eighteen individuals’ confession.

“What is being said about Trump’s objective in supporting Bin Salman’s story being to milk Saudi Arabia is not true. The objective is for Trump to save himself from a scandal that Bin Salman has threatened him with if he fails to rescue him from this predicament. The threat consists of leaking the details of what Bin Salman offered to the Trump foundation before and after the elections…

“The official statement on Khashoggi came following the request of the US Secretary of State, Pompeo, when he visited Saudi Arabia and met with Bin Salman alone. He thus explained to him the danger of a full denial [of the crime] and the need to make a partial confession while pinning the responsibility on a prominent officer of the intelligence services. The coordination between Trump and Bin Salman proceeded after that and Trump announced that he believes the story.

“As for the reason why Al-Assiri and Al-Qahtani’s have been specifically pinpointed, that’s because their names have been mentioned by the American press, the former in the context of the responsibility for the operation and the latter because it is impossible for Bin Salman to work without involving him. People close to Bin Salman say that he is planning on sacrificing Al-Assiri but he will not sacrifice Saud, his friend and someone he cannot do without.

“Now that Trump failed to promote this lie to the world or even to the American media following his failed attempt at supporting its credibility, he sent a message to Bin Salman asking him to cooperate in determining the body’s location and to reveal the names of other [implicated] people and details to push the suspicions away from him and before any Turkish information is released that will completely torpedo the Saudi statement.

“Referring the official statement on Khashoggi to the Attorney General, Al-Mo’jab, was a miserable and retarded attempt at bestowing a legal quality to it knowing that the Attorney General did not write a single letter since the statement was prepared by public relations experts. The Attorney General might have actually only seen the statement in the media. The same goes for anything that has ever been referred to the Attorney General in the past.

“The Attorney General Abdullah al-Mo’jab and his deputy, Shalaan al-Shalaan have been selected in light of their corrupt history and so that they may act like slaves to the orders of the House of Saud. The same goes for the officials at the justice, judiciary, the ministry of Islamic affairs, the Islamic World League, and the rest of religious and judiciary posts.”

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