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TRANSLATED: Nasrallah Meets with Houthi Leadership


Sayyid Nasrallah recently met with two of our Yemen Exchange speakers, Abdul Malik Al Ajri and Ibrahim Al Daylami. A translated piece on the meeting repercussions via our below: “On August 21, the Lebanese Al-Jomhouriya daily newspaper carried the following report by Imad Marmal: “The meeting between the Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, and a delegation from the Yemeni Ansarullah movement has been subjected to political interpretations where the Party was accused of violating the rule of “self-distancing” and sending messages to Saudi Arabia and appointed PM Sa’d al-Hariri from the mailbox of the Beirut Southern Suburbs against the backdrop of the severe polarization regarding the new cabinet and the difficult problems delaying its formation.

“But how does the Party view these accusations? And in which context is it placing Nasrallah’s encounter with the Houthis at the heart of the Suburbs? Hezbollah feels no embarrassment whatsoever as a result of the public encounter. It rather places that encounter in the context of the legitimate solidarity with the Yemeni people in the face of the assault that these people are being subjected to. The Party is thus completely separating this encounter from the internal course of action and it is further indicating that anyone who links this encounter to the Party’s calculations regarding any local file is wrong.

“For the Party, the opposite is true and “those who purposefully exaggerated the image of the meeting and dashed in the direction of political exploiting of this image, aim at justifying the failure to form the cabinet and to cover for the real reasons of this failure by accusing Hezbollah of violating the self-distancing…exactly as has been the case in the past few days upon the fabrication of the crisis of the normalization with Syria and summoning the factor of the international tribunal with the aim being to pin the responsibility of the exaggerated delay in the cabinet formation on Hezbollah and thus…”

“While some have been blaming the Party for publishing the photo of the encounter between Nasrallah and the Houthis with the aim of provoking and challenging the others, parties who are informed about the details of this meeting indicate that the promotion falls in the context of the Party’s convictions and principles as the Party sees no reason for hiding this encounter as long as its political, media, and moral support for the Yemeni people is well known “and the meeting falls in the context of this support of which we are not ashamed…”

“The Party insisted that it is out of the question for Hezbollah, from the moral aspect before any other consideration, to turn a blind eye to the violations, blockade, massacres and diseases that the Yemenis are suffering from. The Party also insisted that it will not refrain from raising the voice that upsets Saudi Arabia and its allies, especially as “we are being asked to even stop talking in the face of the oppression.”

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August 23, 2018 at 12:01 pm

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