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A secondary but perhaps more important effect of Netanyahu’s speech: Undermining efforts to step back from war in the Levant by striking a compromise with Iran over “redlines” in Syria; after all “they lie” and cannot be trusted in any negotiation or with any agreement, no matter the monitoring regime

This may be a major, secondary effect of the speech last night – intentional or not. Indeed, the main event in terms of immediate peace and security in the region and beyond is NOT the fore-ordained collapse of the nuclear deal in the next 12 days. It is, instead, the powerful dynamics that are leading to a great war surrounding the Levant – but certainly not limited to it – a war that is “very likely” to break out soon, according to Mattis.

Bibi’s presentation effectively nixes even the small chance that a reasonable deal could be struck in the immediate period to non-violently adjust the Iranian-Israeli redlines, to back up from them and then to pursue further conflict mitigation in Syria or regionally. After all, how could anyone on the Israeli side sell such a deal internally – a hard one in all cases before last night – given that the loud, public estimation is the Iranians lie, essentially as a genetic defect. There is now little standing upon which a UN, EU or other mediator-led effort could stand on it seems.

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May 1, 2018 at 7:53 pm

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