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Key change in Hezbollah’s trajectory: To strongly involve itself in domestic policy problems going forward

This is indeed a major shift, one predicated by the 2005 turn, under pressure, which saw the first minister of government by Hezbollah. Despite Safiedinne’s recent talk which called the Lebanese system fatally corrupt and broken, the Party seems to be turning directly into the policy problems of Lebanon. Translated in part by our via Al-Akhbar:

“..Based on the last speech, and because it was delivered by the Party’s secretary general, leaping beyond these statements is no longer possible and the Party is now bracing to strongly step in as an essential side at the level of the vital economic files that had so far remained un-tackled. The Party can no longer afford to just sit and watch the economic governmental plans that it had overlooked ever since it stepped into the parliament in the early 1990s and up until this day… It seems that the “financial and economic” grace period is over…”



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March 23, 2018 at 6:56 pm

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