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Criticism of Crisis Group’s Latest Report on Lebanon & Syria/Eleventh Tunis Exchange June 17-24, Registration Now Open/Mideastwire 13 Year Anniversary

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TABLET MAGAZINE: The Next Israel-Hezbollah War Won’t Be an Accident

Nicholas Noe argues that a recent report from Crisis Group incorrectly views the increasing possibility of an Israel-“Resistance Axis” war through the lens of a “miscalculation” or an “error.” The reality is far more alarming and requires more immediate, radical approaches by Europe, the US as well as the different regional powers.

HUFFINGTON POST: The Dangers Of Divining Iranian Intentions, Without Iranians

AL-JAZEERA INSIDE STORY: How will Tunisia recover from its economic woes?

The Eleventh Tunis Exchange June 17-24

The Eleventh Tunis Exchange Conference June 17-24 will engage participants from around the world in a multifaceted discussion of some of the key issues facing Tunisia and the wider region. Participants will have the opportunity to meet, listen and engage leading social, political, religious and economic leaders from across the spectrum in Tunisia. For last Summer’s Tunis Exchange schedule as well as more information, visit

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Please also stay tuned for an announcement of the Second Erbil-Sulaymaniyah Exchange as well as the Third Yemen Exchange!

And for the latest on our Spring and Summer Arabic offerings in Tunis, visit our Facebook page here. Celebrates 13 Years
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