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Turkish invasion may be instigating global influx of Kurds from Lebanon, EU & Turkey to fight in Afrin

Yet another by-product of the Syrian war which never should have started. Partially translated today by our

“…A Turkish news agency indicated that Turkey’s Kurds are infiltrating the Turkish-Syrian borders to join the Kurdish People’s Protection army with numbers amounting to dozens of thousands; adding that there had been 30,000 Kurdish fighter in and around the city of Afrin and they have now been inflated to reach 70,000 fighters equipped with weapons and missiles. And despite the constant Turkish jets’ raids on the bases of the Kurdish People’s Protection army, the grottos, tunnels and underground areas are located 15 meters below the ground level where the bombs and rockets of the Turkish jets cannot reach them…

“Moreover, the available pieces of information indicate that around 5,000 Kurds have left Lebanon and headed to the city of Afrin to fight with the Kurdish People’s Protection army while thousands of Kurds are also flowing from Europe mainly Norway, Germany, and Sweden to Iraq and then from the Baghdad Airport to Syria in order to join the Kurdish People’s Protection army and the city of Afrin. Most of these are Kurdish fighters who have fought the Turkish army for the past 25 years. The Kurdish People’s Protection army had managed to take 115 Turkish troops’ hostages while the Turkish army took 360 hostages from the Kurdish People’s Protection army…”

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February 7, 2018 at 7:18 pm

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