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TRANSLATED: Report in Ad-Diyyar details major break between Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Although Ayyoub’s Ad-Diyyar is certainly against MBS, perhaps there are worthwhile nuggets to be further confirmed. Translated in part here and in full by our (

“…ISIL and other takfiri forces had once been crossing from Jordan to Saudi Arabia, but the powerful Jordanian army positioned its troops on the borders with Saudi Arabia and prevented the infiltration of the takfiris. However, the King of Jordan, Abdullah II, pulled out the Jordanian army from the entire borders with Saudi Arabia and left the Saudi army entirely in charge. As for the takfiris, the King of Jordan is certain that the Jordanian intelligence services and the Jordanian army can crush the takfiri organizations in Jordan. However, the Jordanian army will no longer be protecting the borders with Saudi Arabia…”

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February 5, 2018 at 1:51 pm

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