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Nicholas Noe on Al-Jazeera at 17:30 GMT for Inside Story: On the Tunisian Protests

An excellent debate today with Mohamed-Dhia Hammami and MP from Al-Nahdha, Oussama Sghaier. The show will broadcast Live, today, at 6:30pm Tunis time and 5:30 GMT here:
It will also be archived here shortly thereafter:
My main arguments are: 1) Tunisia will likely not be able to “muddle along” as a kind of corrupt, kind of democratic state. Indeed, a huge bill is coming due sooner rather than later primarily because of 2) a failure to implement aggressive, “hard stick” policies (necessarily supported by powerful external actors like the EU and the US) against the key national cancer which is, quite simply, the “golden triangle” of the cops+economic-monopolists+traditional mafias that operates against the lower and middle classes of Tunisian society (and sometimes against certain elites as well!).
If dramatic action is not taken in this specific regard – and the “easy” way out is sustained by raising prices on citizens – both the security and the economy of Tunisia will continue to be undermined, perhaps to a breaking point.
Of course, the US and the EU bought some much needed security for Tunisia, with their Tunisian partners, after 2015. But pumping more money into the main problem – i.e. the “golden triangle” identified above and which is anchored in a deeply problematic security sector – is only going to throw more young Tunisians into a broken “justice” system (thus creating the violent jihadist 2.0) and is only going to further undermine the real drivers of economic reform and growth.
Read ICG’s report, released yesterday, and Max Gallien and Mohamed-Dhia Hammami‘s criticism together:
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