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A different way to gauge Arab reactions to Jerusalem move: Listening to Arab authors

As a counterpoint to the New York Times article yesterday, read (in translation or in the original) the hundreds of Arab and Palestinian authors (we are translating a small sample!) who are promulgating a variety of powerful and interesting reactions to the Trump move. This is but one piece in Monarchy Jordan, that perhaps, perhaps is but one trend emerging vis-a-vis Trump and Israeli policy. Translated by our (for a free trial email

“Welcome to the Quds Force”

On December 8, the independent Al-Ghad newspaper carried the following opinion piece by Jamil Nimri: “Since 1995, the American presidents, both Conservatives and Democrats, have been using their right to postpone Congress’ decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem every six months. And this is what Trump did the first time. But today, he has decided to go through with his known electoral promise and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, but at the oddest time, seeing as how he is preparing for the so-called “Deal of the Century” to ensure peace… Trump’s brain is divided between separate rooms, all operating with irresponsible crudeness. This is what observers in the US believe, at a time when the Europeans are not concealing their disgust towards him and his presence at the head of the most powerful state in the world…

“Likewise, the media outlets are not showing him any mercy, and I do not see any reason why the Arabs should abstain from rejecting him and holding him responsible for that decision, which the Saudi statement said was irresponsible. Yes, it is an irresponsible decision, which requires an adequate reaction that will deeply affect the US’ status, role and plans in the region. For example, Saudi Arabia could annul the $450 billion dollar deal entirely. Does it fear Iran? So, let us take a full turn towards Iran during this stage, seeing as how fear from it is that the US has been capitalizing on, while using us in the face of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian axis… Let us seek peace and understanding with Iran, and deliver a slap to the face of the US-Israeli blackmail. Let us offer to Qassem Soleimani, who is yearning for a foothold on the Golan border, as well as to the Quds Force and Hezbollah the entire border with the Golan at a 20-kilometer depth, and see what the two parties on both sides of the border will do!

“I am not kidding. Let us turn the table for once in our lives…, because Trump deserves that, and the world will hold him responsible for it. We do not have the ability to go back to the military option. But Israel is also no longer able to issue threats and settle the situation militarily, as confirmed by its experience with Hezbollah. However, we do hold many cards which we can use today, if we free ourselves of our traditional calculations and fears. Yesterday, we saw violent popular and official reactions. And tomorrow, we will hear strong statements by the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference meetings among others. But all of this will lead to the appeasement of the climate and the gradual dissipation of mobilization, knowing that the fate of whichever Palestinian uprising will not be different from that of the previous ones.

“In that sense, the reassessment of the relations with the United States, and of the management of the relations and alliances in the region, is the only way to ensure another kind of reassessment in the American and Israeli mind.”مرحبا-فيلق-القدس






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