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An important part of Hezbollah’s new power is effectively a Russian veto in UN Security Council

As happened earlier this Fall when US-Israel pressure tried to change 1701. Translated in part today:

“…For their part, diplomatic sources assured that dialogue will address the content of the French-Saudi understandings, i.e. the need to preserve stability and distance Lebanon from the regional problems and Iran’s interference in Arab affairs, handle the weapons outside the authority of the state, and end Hezbollah’s involvement in regional conflicts. And according to the sources, the latter points are the main headlines of the ministerial statement of the current government, but have been violated by Hezbollah on more than one occasion… The sources then pointed to wide regional transformations in regard to Hezbollah, ones which started with gradual steps that have now reached the point of seeking the Security Council’s help…, though European sources mentioned talk saying that Russia had promised the party that it would topple any draft resolution targeting it at the Security Council…”


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November 24, 2017 at 6:27 pm

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