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Key Saudi source, Mujtahidd, alleges Saudi King-to-be delivered $1bn to Trump Organization during Trump visit

Translated by our (English version via Mujtahidd now available as well directly)

On November 6, Mujtahidd posted a series of tweets about the special relationship between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman and American President Donald Trump. He wrote: “The following is detailed information surrounding the special relationship between Bin Salman and Trump, which would explain Trump’s actions against “America’s interests,” such as his support [of Bin Salman] against Bin Nayif and Qatar. When Trump reached the presidency, the American position shifted towards numerous issues involving Saudi Arabia, at the head of which being the competition between Bin Nayif and Bin Salman, and the position towards Qatar. In regard to the competition between the two Mohammads [Bin Salman and Bin Nayif], the American institutions have always supported Bin Nayif, a thing to which Obama committed and confirmed in a special letter to the King.

“A while after Trump reached power, specifically following his return from Riyadh, he changed the US position and forced the American institutions to support Bin Salman. In regard to the Gulf, the consecutive US administrations have always worked on preventing any problems within the GCC, seeing as how America’s interests in the region cannot be secured in the absence of cohesion within the Council. This also remained the case until Trump’s return to America, which was followed by the Qatar crisis, in which he supported the besieging states with a high voice and numerous tweets going against Pentagon’s and the Department of State’s position. What is even odder is that Mohammad Bin Salman and Trump share a special communications means which is not enjoyed by any other state leader, including Netanyahu and the British prime minister.

“The following story ought to explain the cause of Mohammad Bin Salman’s strange grip over Trump, whom he is controlling to achieve his goals, even if they oppose America’s interests. When Trump was in Riyadh during the second half of May 2017, a private yacht reached the Jeddah Port. Its identity was concealed and it was closely guarded. The regular port authorities were not allowed to deal with the yacht, and only a small group of people reached it while carrying boxes or suitcases containing a billion dollars in cash. Once they dropped the load and came back, the yacht that only stayed in Jeddah for a few hours disappeared to a destination that remained concealed, just like its identity and the location it came from. It was later leaked to us from Mohammad Bin Salman’s close circle that the billion dollars were from Mohammad Bin Salman personally, and that the yacht was indirectly affiliated with Trump’s Organization.”

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November 6, 2017 at 7:17 pm

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