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Tony Badran’s Realization: Hezbollah Now Has Veto Ally in UNSC

Tony Badran has angrily stumbled on a game changer in Lebanon @KarimMakdisi: Russia now has to some extent wielded its veto power directly in favor of its new battlefield ally. Unprecedented in terms of this degree of exchange relation I think?

“…Sure enough, Hezbollah’s reminder found attentive ears. France, which contributes troops to the force, and whose troops were attacked in 2011, rejected any change to the mandate. And with Russia, which works closely with Hezbollah on the Syrian battlefield, reportedly threatening to veto the resolution if it so much as made an explicit reference the group, the whole effort at the Security Council was over before it even began…”


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September 26, 2017 at 11:54 am

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