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Pro-Syrian Regime Op-ED: As victory approaches “…The real Arab spring has started in the Gulf.”

Translated today by our, in part only below: On September 18, the pro-Syrian regime Al-Watan daily carried the following piece by Ammar Abdul Ghani: “In light of the many field and political developments, one can say that the crisis in Syria has been placed on the settlement course. This situation has been imposed by the achievements of the Syrian Arab army in the field, especially after breaking the siege of the city of Der az-Zor and imposing a new reality. It wasn’t long before this new situation was translated at the Astana meetings where everyone, including the enemies and the friends, accepted the Syrian vision regarding the settlement in Syria, which is based on the priority of fighting terrorism by halting the support for it first, and pulling away all its tools second as a preface to launching a political dialogue between the patriotic Syrians who believe in the unity of Syria’s lands and people.

“…The real Arab spring has started in the Gulf. This is quite a natural matter imposed by the fact that no ruler in the 21st century can rule through pre-historical laws. Thus, the support of the Gulf States for what they called the “Arab revolutions” has started to backfire on their own countries… Syria won the war that was launched against it. It will come out of its crisis stronger than it was. The defeated party will have to pay the price for its toying with the region’s security. The next few months will further clarify the situation.”


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September 18, 2017 at 10:30 pm

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