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TRANSLATED: Qatari Emir in Germany for intel sharing and possible mediation with Turkey

A partial translation from our Daily Briefing where it appears in full:

“… The Qatari Prince Tamim Bin Hamad will thus be landing in Ankara on Thursday…and then proceeding with his planned visit to Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in Berlin on Friday. This second visit also carries a number of messages when it comes to its timing and even its form and contents… After the conclusion of the Qatari prince’s visit to Ankara, he will thus be visiting the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in Berlin, where he is supposed to conclude one of the most dangerous intelligence agreements in the world. Qatar will be providing the German intelligence services with all its information regarding terrorism, its funding, training and adherents…

“An agreement like that represents a mine of important and basic information for Berlin, which is working to progress on the ladder of the “strongest intelligence services” since such pieces of information will not only allow Germany to uncover the countries that finance terrorism and thus protect Qatar but they will also grant Berlin the ability to foresee and monitor the actions of individuals involved in terrorist acts…

“The Qatari prince who has proven to be quite smart, realizes the importance of this step vis-à-vis Berlin… In addition, the Qatari prince will likely demand a European cooperation regarding the Qatari opposition… Meanwhile, and also through the above-mentioned agreement, Qatar will be winning an important round against its adversaries. Indeed, Qatar had been promoting the idea that [its adversaries] are involved in financing terrorism. This matter is now being discussed at the level of the western research centers, specifically Saudi Arabia’s support for terrorism in countries like Yemen. The European Parliament thus made a move on Wednesday in an attempt at obtaining a resolution to prevent Al-Riyadh from purchasing weapons.

“A possible mediation at the level of the Merkel-Erdogan crisis: the quick arrangement of Prince Tamim’s visit to Ankara prior to his visit to Berlin might also include an attempt at moistening the Turkish-German atmosphere as tension had been reigning recently following the statements of the Turkish President regarding the German elections. Berlin responded by calling to halt Turkey’s joining of the EU…”


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