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Nasrallah’s rationale regarding IS safe passage deal

An important excerpt from the Hizbullah Media Office translation of Nasrallah’s August 28 speech:

“…If we had gone for the decisive and final military choice, we were faced by two choices. We can head towards a final and decisive military choice; but the one or two or three persons who know where the Lebanese soldiers were could get killed in the battle. As such, things will be over? What may we do? This file would stay pending forever; nobody could’ve solved it. The Army and the Lebanese government along with the soldiers’ families would be truly embarrassed. The other choice was to go on with our military pressure, while practicing pressure in the level of negotiations in order to get this result. If we had gone for the first choice, we could’ve possibly killed those who knew the place of the soldiers, that’s first. Second, many civilians, women, and children would’ve got killed, because they were still there with the militants. Even those who were demanding killing and executing Daesh would’ve protested and claimed that we had committed massacres and savagery and killed civilians. They would have verbally whipped us in such a case. Third, more Lebanese and Syrian soldiers and resistance men would’ve been martyred because at the end, the remaining number of militants was 310. When about 300 militants are surrounded in a narrow area while having no choice but either to fight or to surrender, some of them would fight while the others would give up. That would not have been a ride, even if the results of the battle were definitive. How long would the battle last? Will it last for a day or two? After all, if it would end up militarily, these would be the results. The file of the soldiers would remain mysterious forever, civilians would get killed, and there will be more martyrs on both the Lebanese and the Syrian sides. Why would we choose this when we could solve this issue in another way?

So we went and made an agreement. When we reached the agreement, it turned out that the soldiers were martyrs and we found their graves. Now someone would come out and ask why we would let them go; we should kill and execute them. Well hold on because here we definitely don’t agree. We’ve made an agreement and agreed on several conditions: one, two, three, four, five, six, etc. Think about it the way you want, but we are pious people.  Our religion and morals say – and the law is supposed to say that too – and our Quran says: “Fulfill all contracts”. According to the Hadith, “Believers stick to their conditions”. We don’t betray, stab in the back, manipulate, or play games on anyone. Let me tell you something about what Islam for example recommends when it comes to the trust or keeping the trust. This is for you to see the difference between Islam and Daesh…”


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September 3, 2017 at 8:23 pm

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