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TRANSLATED Quds Arabi: “Jordan’s diplomatic compass is shifting within an entirely new strategic context”

Translated today by our, in part here: “…On the other hand, during his visit to Jordan, Erdogan put forward the formula: “Iran is like a wife. It is a necessary evil.” He even proposed mediation to appease the Jordanian fears from Iran, ones which are not personal as stated by a prominent official in the Jordanian government, rather related to the Saudi factor… The reopening of the crossing and the resumption of movement and commerce through it after its closing for two years might constitute an important and “qualitative leap” at the level of transport, trade and transit in Jordan, especially after Saudi Arabia proceeded with its harassment and opened a land crossing with Iran at the expense of the Jordanian Aqaba Port. And the official reopening of the Trebil crossing yesterday on Wednesday paves the way before the reopening of its counterpart with Syria, i.e. the Nasib crossing.

“In any case, these are not mere commercial or border measures, seeing as how Tehran, Moscow and Ankara are in the picture, which means that Jordan’s diplomatic compass is shifting within an entirely new strategic context that might generate bumps or breakthroughs.”


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August 31, 2017 at 1:32 pm

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