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Hezbollah said to have pushed for border battle to strengthen homefront ahead of possible conflict with Israel

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“… The Party says that the plan was clear: to force Hezbollah to pull out from the eastern chain and to let the army deploy there in addition to summoning the international forces to these regions. When this team and the axis that supports it realized that this is impossible to achieve, a campaign was launched, which is nothing but mere talk and which will have no effect whatsoever. The Party considers that its main battle was much further away from the region’s geographical location, because, in the back of its mind, the Party was taking into account the possibility of launching a battle with Israel. Had such a battle been launched while the armed groups were still in the barren areas, they would have had the ability of keeping the Party busy or blocking many roads either in the Bekaa or in the barren areas in addition to keeping it busy with battles and security operations thus disrupting its power. Now that it has completed this mission, this will lead to enhancing the Party’s military situation and securing a safe zone, tens of kilometers deep between Lebanon and Syria…

“The battle will yield a number of political outcomes in Lebanon and the region but this will require more time. On the local level, there will be no change in the political equation because Lebanon is bound to the consensus and the Sunni-Shi’i balance. Thus, no balances will be modified. On the external level, Hezbollah will be staying in Syria as it is an essential partner in consolidating the political settlement there especially that it has played an essential and effective military role in the conflict. This is surely linked to the main and wide areas controlled by the Party in Syria…

“The Party believes that these areas will represent a major factor of change in any upcoming conflict since most of them have turned into military bases for the party and storage places for rockets and advanced weapons with a range of 250 kilometers. In other words, these rockets can reach Israel… The Party indicates that these weapons are now stored in safe places in the mountains and the grottos that are difficult to target and difficult to hit even if targeted…”حزب-الله-ما-بعد-الجرود-الصواريخ-في-مكان-آمن


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