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Jeffrey Feltman in Israel with UN Head: A bad sign of things to come

I have extensively criticized former US Ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman over the last 12 years. In my view, he was one of the primary reasons that the US “Cedar Revolution” Policy failed so spectacularly. He is also a key figure in the disaster of the July 2006 War. Now he continues on at the UN. Thankfully there he is not in a position to encourage more obtuse commitments of troops – save when it comes to UNIFIL which could be negatively impacted by his leadership, although national governments have greater say.

I am worried, however, about the lack of brakes that Feltman would likely advocate when it comes to the increasing Israeli threats to more forcefully intervene in Syria and Lebanon against its enemies. In fact, should war break-out, one thinks that Feltman will probably return to his old role of encouraging the Israelis to go farther, even as the moral and strategic dimensions would both likely auger against the application of more war and destruction.

Some about how Feltman helped lose Lebanon here:
2008/2009 White Paper On A New US Approach To Lebanon:


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August 29, 2017 at 1:52 pm

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