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Hamas movement said to be returning to strategic depth of Iran, overcoming past “disagreements”

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On August 28, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following piece by Abdul Bari Atwan: “Mr. Yahya Senwar, the president of the Hamas movement’s politburo at the Gaza territory held a two hour long press conference that was characterized by a great deal of honesty and where he revealed the main bases of the new Hamas strategy, with the main headline consisting of a powerful return to the Resistance axis, enhancing the relations with Iran, and trying to “restore” the relations with Syria.

“We believe that the most important statement made by Mr. Senwar was the following one: “Iran is the largest supporter of the Ezzedine al-Qassam brigades (the military branch) in terms of financial support and the support with weapons.” He further hope that “the Syrian crisis shall end, which will open the horizons for restoring the relations with [Syria], taking into account the right timing for that.”

“Mr. Senwar’s importance at the level of the Hamas leadership’s structure stems from the fact that he is closely connected to the Al-Qassam military wing since he is considered as this wing’s “godfather” and one of its main founders. He also played some very important roles in the field as he was behind attacks against targets in the Israeli depth and thus spent 23 years in jail.

“The direct, unequivocal announcement on Iran being the main supporter of Al-Qassam was surprising and powerful at the same time because this clashes, one way or another, with the movement’s earlier method of avoiding the voicing out of such positions as a way of minding the Gulf camp and the American camp to a lesser extent… According to well documented pieces of information, the Hamas movement has re-fixed its relationship with the Lebanese Resistance, specifically Hezbollah. There is no secret in that Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has received Mr. Saleh al-Arouri, the leader of the military wing at the West Bank… This was followed by another meeting, under Sayed Nasrallah’s recommendation, between Mr. Al-Arouri and leaders of the Revolutionary Guards as well as other politicians in Tehran…

“The Syrian leadership informed the Hezbollah and Iranian mediators who transmitted Hamas’ desire to relax the atmosphere with Damascus that it has no problem with completing the reconciliation with the Hamas movement’s new leadership provided that the movement remains where it currently stands… The Syrian wound is deep as per one prominent Syrian official who spoke to this newspaper and gave a long account of the bitter experiences, which we shall not be mentioning here not because they are too many but because they are too dangerous…

“However, we tend to believe that the bitterness is eroding in light of the rapid developments at the level of the Syrian file… The Hamas new leadership is playing “smart.” Indeed, it has improved its relations with Egypt and succeeded in playing on the discrepancies within the Fatah movement and the latter’s division between the Abbas and the Dahlan axes all the while enhancing its relations with the other Palestinian factions and maintaining a minimal level of relations with Qatar without losing the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

“President Mahmoud Abbas had induced a salary cut for more than 60,000 employees and sent around 6,000 employees to early retirement in addition to halting the payment of bills for the Gaza power company in an attempt at bringing the Hamas movement to its knees. There he is now, backing away from all or most of these steps and going to Istanbul in order to request a mediation with the [Hamas] movement, and a revival of the reconciliation agreement. The magic has indeed turned against the magician.

“The next phase is that of the Hamas movement’s military success and the return to the Resistance sources and the rekindling of its fire at the West Bank where the real friction lies with the Occupation state, forces and settlers. This explains the talk on the main stars of this phase being Al-Arouri and Senwar who have one common point in addition to being members of the movement’s politburo: their closeness to the Al-Qassam wing, i.e. the wing that has the final word, in addition to them directing the compass of the alliances towards Iran, Hezbollah, and perhaps even Syria. The days will tell.”


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