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Al-Jazeera now referring to Assad as “The Syrian President”

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On August 22, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily carried the following editorial: “For the Al-Jazeera channel to air the speech of President Bashar al-Assad while its country had embraced the first nucleus of the Syrian opposition (the National Council) and for the channel to call him “the Syrian president” for the first time after seven years of calling him “the head of the regime,” this means that many changes are taking place at the level of the Syrian and regional scenes that are difficult to ignore or leap beyond for anyone aiming for objectivity and professionalism.

“Focusing on this noteworthy phenomenon doesn’t take away from the importance of the speech itself. Rai al-Youm believes that this was one of the most important speeches made by the Syrian president since the beginning of the crisis in his country thanks to the features in contained for the future roadmap towards the “new Syria” as he specifically sees it. The speech that was made at the opening of a conference by the Syrian foreign ministry yesterday reflected its author’s confidence and reassurance with respect to Syria exiting the bottle neck and walking on the road of rapid recovery, as well as its readiness for the reconstruction phase both on the financial and psychological levels…”


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August 22, 2017 at 3:08 pm

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