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TRANSLATED: “Return of the Syrian ambassador to Amman…now a matter of weeks if not days.”

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On August 13, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily carried the following editorial: “Many surprises are emerging at the level of the Syrian file in light of some major and unique changes. As the Syrian Arab army seized the city of Al-Sokhna in the governorate of Homs, there it goes controlling the area of Nassib that borders Jordan for the first time in five years knowing that the borders between the two countries were completely shut.

“The Jordanian authorities established, armed and trained the tribal army in order to fill the void resulting from the Syrian army’s pull-out from the region and said that this army was established to fight the Islamic State and that it pulled out based on an official decision thus allowing the Syrian army to seize its posts. Regardless of the true causes and whoever is standing behind the decision to pull out, the Syrian army’s re-seizing of the Nassib border passageway with Jordan constitutes a strategic achievement that confirms the fact that the Syrian state has started to control most of its main passageways.

“We believe it is likely that this step was achieved for a number of reasons mainly to reduce the tension in the Syrian south thus implementing the Astana Conference agreements, and Jordan reaching the conviction that, in light of its decision to halt the program for supporting and arming the Syrian opposition, the USA has washed its hands from the Syrian crisis and handed the Syrian file entirely to Russia in order to cut the losses and as an indirect acknowledgment of its defeat…

“The one certain part is that the MOC operations’ room established by the USA in participation with its allies in Jordan to oversee the armament and training plans of the opposition forces and to run the battle in Syria has shut its doors and washed its hands of this opposition thus leaving it alone to face its fate, a painful one in all cases.

“The return of the Syrian Arab army to the South will not constitute a good omen for the Israeli occupation state, but it will constitute good news for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. It is a bad omen for Israel because this means that the latter will stand face to face with the Syrian army forces in Kuneitra and Golan; and it is a good news for the Syrian refugees because their road for returning to Syria will be wide open for them now in order for them to escape their miserable situation at the camps… We expect the next surprise to consist of a wider normalization of the Jordanian-Syrian relations at the security related, political and economic areas, in addition to the return of the Syrian ambassador to Amman, and us seeing Jordanian officials in Damascus. This is now a matter of weeks if not days.”


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