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Register Now: Five Politics Conferences This Fall/Winter On Yemen, Iraqi Kurdistan, Libya, Tunisia, Beirut

Ahead of our ten year anniversary next Summer (alumni get ready for the Summer 2018 event in Beirut TBA soon), we have five Exchange politics conferences scheduled for this Fall/Winter, including one new Exchange focused on Libya hosted with Omeyya Seddik (Al-Muqaddima/HD Centre) and Monica Marks (Oxford University) in Tunis:
1) October 11-October 15: The Second Yemen Exchange (Hosted in Beirut)
2) October 29-November 4: The Erbil-Sulaymaniyah Exchange
3) November 29-December 3: The Libya Exchange (Hosted in Tunis)
4) January 3-January 10: The 10th Tunis Exchange
5) January 14-January 21: The 19th Beirut Exchange
Request a registration form for any Exchange via
To view completed schedules of our Exchange programs in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, Iraq and the Gulf, as well as media coverage of our efforts and alumni comments, visit:
The Exchange
The Beirut Exchange Group on Facebook
The Tunis Exchange Group on Facebook
Note that participation fee discounts are available for participants who wish to attend multiple Exchanges. For more information, please email Furthermore, all our programs are funded on the basis of fees paid by the participants themselves: There is no government, private or non-profit support, an aspect that we believe provides a relatively neutral platform for dialogue and understanding.
The Exchange is an effort by and its partners to promote professional and academic enrichment through a variety of small group, direct engagement conferences in the Middle East and North Africa.
During their stay, typically lasting five days to one week, participants from around the world listen to and question leading intellectuals, activists and politicians representing an array of different points of view in a specific country.
The first Exchange was launched in June 2008 in Beirut, Lebanon. Now, nine years on, more than 600 people from 51 different countries have attended 35 different Exchanges in the region.


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