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Yes the Rifi movement is significant and its on the move ahead of the elections

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On August 10, the Ad-Diyyar daily newspaper carried the following report by Domou’ al-Asmar: “Anyone who follows up on the actions of Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi recently can note the many visits and meetings he has been carrying out following the crystallization of the idea of his opposing political project that seems to be in line with the Phalanges party on a number of common points despite the reservations of some and the support of some others for any initiative.

“Tripoli political circles believe that the present situation requires some serious forces to follow-up on the national, sovereign political matters on one hand and to follow-up on the urgent popular demands including the education, employment, housing, and medication on the other hand in light of the looseness of the political forces that are currently in power. They indicate that the time has come to modify this bitter situation; and confronting the political authoritarianism is a must at this difficult phase that lacks national leaders working on enhancing citizenship and reducing immigration. The idea of launching a national initiative to bring together the opposition leaders has now become an urgent matter as per sources close to Maj. Gen. Rifi.

“Regarding the phase that will precede the launching of this opposition’s national front, Rifi’s circles revealed that the ground is now ready to launch this front, the main objectives of which consist of fighting the massive corruption reigning in the state with the hope of achieving the desired steps after having sensed the extent of the massive frustration at the level of the Lebanese Street mainly in Tripoli in light of a number of studies and opinion polls that were conducted and that highlight the citizens’ need for a massive change. The first step consists of preserving sovereignty and fighting corruption in order to enhance the trust between the politicians and the people. For this reason, this front requires harmonious forces that have similar goals and choices…



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