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Daily Asks: “Has the USA started to wash its hands and acquit itself of the repercussions of this hostile war [in Yemen] and pin it on Saudi Arabia and the UAE?”

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On August 8, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily carried the following piece by Yemeni writer, Taleb al-Hosni: “Two important developments have taken place at the level of the Yemeni crisis and the forgotten Yemeni war. The first development consists of the statements made by the US ambassador to Yemen, Matthew Tueller, who lives in Al-Riyadh. These are the second statements about Yemen in half a month. Through these shocking statements, Tueller said, during an interview with the Public Radio International, that his country does not have the capacity of forcing the fighting groups in Yemen to reach a ceasefire. He further said that this is a civil war between the Yemenis.

“This controversial description categorically topples the “legitimacy” of the Saudi-led Arab alliance. It also topples the international resolution number 2216 knowing that America had voted on that resolution, which indicates that the international community supports the so-called “legitimacy” of the Hadi cabinet and that the Arab alliance is fighting to restore it. So where does the USA stand in this war? And what about the multiple American declarations on a number of occasions on the US support for Hadi’s legitimacy and opposition for those who staged a “coup” against this legitimacy?!

“The US ambassador added that the conflict will go on until the USA acquires mechanisms to force the Yemenis to make political compromises as he said. This statement means that there is not one legitimate side in this war that Washington is supporting or dealing with! This also means that the American role, throughout two and a half years of barbaric war where the infrastructure has been destroyed and where Saudi Arabia supplied tons of weapons, was an absurd role that served the interests of one side in this “civil” war as per Tueller’s statement. Therefore, Washington is a main side in the bloodshed.

“Not once did the US ambassador say that Washington supports a legitimate side. He rather described the actions of the Saudi-led Arab alliance as a kind of support for some Yemeni sides that lost their ability to protect themselves and to return to the path of political transfer. Is it possible that the assault to which Yemen is being exposed – an assault that destroyed everything and one that brought siege and starvation – was only launched because Saudi Arabia and the UAE chose to support one side at a civil war, and that Washington’s role in this assault merely consisted of selling weapons…?! Has the USA started to wash its hands and acquit itself of the repercussions of this hostile war and pin it on Saudi Arabia and the UAE? Is it also acquitting itself from the military and political failure, which has become the most prominent headline of the Saudi Al-Hazm storm, thus saying that Washington is standing in a neutral position and is playing no part in this “civil” war as per Washington’s new description?!… (Continued at


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