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Joyce Karam, Writing In Abu Dhabi Daily, Fails To Mention MEMRI VP Role For New Al-Hurra Head

A startling oversight by Joyce Karam: Her piece from the Abu Dhabi owned daily fails to mention that the new head of Al-Hurra, Alberto Fernandez – who is supposed to save the station from irrelevancy despite hundreds of millions in US taxpayer support over the years – is the former VP of, set up by the IDF colonel Yigal Carmen. MEMRI of course is an extremely polemical translation and opinion shop in DC that (as but one major problem) only translates the most violent things Arabs and Muslims say or the most pro-American things they say. Indeed, MEMRI’s harmful limitations – and its corrosive effects on Beltway thinking – are precisely why we started 12 years ago.
She writes simply: “Alberto Fernandez, who arrived at MBN following three decades at the US state department, agrees that Al Hurra has an identity problem….”
To not mention the central connection – and the evident problem of having a MEMRI warrior now heading Hurra – when posing the central question of whether Fernandez can save Hurra is quite an omission for the unknowing reader. Fernandez, interestingly has at least one financial and political connection/limitation directly related to the Abu Dhabi daily for which Karam writes: He is also a Non-Resident Fellow in Middle East Politics and Media at the TRENDS research and advisory center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates… which means owned and controlled by the royal court in AD.

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August 6, 2017 at 1:16 pm

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