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My NYT Op Ed from the last time Hariri visited DC

My New York Times Op-Ed from six and a half years ago…. when Saad Hariri was last in Washington as PM (he visits in the coming days). Then he was arguing essentially against Hezbollah. Now he is more of an ally with Hezbollah than ever and he will be going to D.C. trying to shield all Lebanon from ill advised sanctions… all while Hezbollah is leading the charge against Al-Qaeda. How times have changed, in some ways. 
“…That a small-time figure known for his political horse-trading would spurn a superpower’s attempt to retain his vote for its man provides an exclamation point on just how poorly Washington’s policy of “maximalism” — applying sporadic bouts of pressure on its allies while refusing to sincerely negotiate with its adversaries — has fared in Lebanon and the Middle East as a whole. The Obama administration is going to need a very different approach when it comes to dealing with the “new” Lebanon….”


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July 22, 2017 at 5:41 pm

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