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TRANSLATED: On Qatar’s “admission” it was forced to join Yemen war: “The Yemenis alone have the right to forgive Qatar”

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On July 19, Khaled al-Jayoussi wrote the following piece in the electronic Rai al-Youm daily: “The statements made by the Qatari Minister of Defense, Khalid al-Attiyah, during an interview with the Turkish TRT channel, were quite interesting as he said that his country was “forced” to participate at the Arab alliance in Yemen and that Doha was against this alliance since the beginning or, literally “against the Al-Hazm storm, which we believe has killed and displaced our brothers, the people of Yemen.”

“We believe that these unprecedented statements by the Qatari minister of defence come too late and they fall in the context of the adversity and boycotting between Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain on one hand, and Qatar on the other hand. These [statements] represent an honest but late acknowledgment of the barbaric nature of this alliance and storm. This is also perhaps a justification and an indirect apology for the Qatari participation. We say that this is a justification because when one wishes to justify one’s participation in a crime, one always refers to the forced circumstances…

“The Yemenis alone have the right to forgive Qatar for its interference in their country and for raiding the innocent, unarmed civilians. We don’t know if Doha was also “forced” to engage and intervene in Syria. The former Qatari PM had said that there were “asked” to intervene at the advanced rows and that there then told to let go of that role… Stepping away from a mistake is a virtue. We believe that the adversity with Saudi Arabia will push Qatar to more than just say that it was forced to participate in the Al-Hazm Storm and we don’t know what the next days will reveal to us in terms of scandals…

“The statements of Minister Al-Attiyah were probably shocking and unexpected for Saudi Arabia and its alliance that is currently boycotting Qatar… In response to those Qatari statements on the Yemeni war, the leadership of the alliance will perhaps acquit itself [from these statements] and perhaps even question the independence and sovereignty of Qatar…

“The era of the “firmness” [Al-Hazm] is ending and that of “slander and defamation” is starting. We don’t know if any good will come out of that except for expanding the Arab differences and keeping the nation busy with issues other than the fateful causes. Perhaps, amidst all these developments, Qatar could have condemned the escalation in Al-Aqsa and the Saudi monarch could have opened his gates, as it has been said, to anyone who can comfort the oppressed sheikh, and anyone who could console the Jerusalem girl…”


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