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The First Erbil Exchange Closes: Meetings With KRG Foreign Minister, Peshmerga Leaders, Opposition Deputies, KDP Bloc Leader, PUK Deputy And PDKI General Secretary

Our First Erbil Exchange has now closed! Many thanks to our more than 40 speakers over six and a half days, 25 participants from 14 different countries representing academia, the media and government, as well as our co-directors Monica Marks, Arthur Quesnay and Robin Beaumont. We will formally announce our second program in Kurdistan/Northern Iraq shortly, but likely Sunday, October 29-Sunday November 5 with time spent in both Erbil and Sulaymaniyah. Join us Post-Referendum! For more information, or to register, email
Sunday, July 9
6:00 PM Opening Introductions, Schedule & Security Briefing
8:00 PM Framework Comments by Monica Marks, Oxford University & Nicholas Noe,
Monday, July 10
9:30 AM Arthur Quesnay, Panthéon-Sorbonne, & Robin Beaumont, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
2:00 PM Maria Fantappie, International Crisis Group
4:00 PM Belkis Wille, Human Rights Watch
5:30 PM Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
6:30 PM Scott Bohlinger, The International NGO Safety Network
Tuesday, July 11
9:30 AM Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Journalist
11:30 AM Muhammed Ihsan, Ex Minister of Disputed Territories & President, Erbil University
2:30 PM Hemin Hawrami, Senior Advisor to the President
4:00 PM Aram Qaradakhy, Journalist
6:00 PM Kamal Chomani, Political Analyst
Wednesday, July 12
8:00 AM Jabar Yawar, General Secretary, Ministry of Peshmerga
9:30 AM Choman Hardi, The American University of Iraq Sulaimani
11:00 AM Arthur Quesnay, Panthéon-Sorbonne
12:15 PM Sarbast Lazgin Senory, Deputy Minister of Peshmerga and Deputy Interior Minister
4:00 PM Hakim Khaldi, Doctors Without Borders
6:00 PM Dr, Mohammad Orfin, Ninevah Voluntary for IDP
Thursday, July 13
9:30 AM Hemin Baban, Journalist
11:30 PM Group Discussion
2:15 PM Amar al-Kaya, Special Advisor to Ibrahim al Jafari
4:00 PM Arthur Quesnay, Panthéon-Sorbonne
6:00 PM Khaled Chwani, MP, Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
Friday, July14
8:30 AM Gevara Zaya, Assyrian Democratic Movement Military Wing Coordinator, Ninevah Protection Unit; Kaldo Ramzi, Political Bureau Member, Assyrian Democratic Movement
10:00 AM Adham Juma, Political Analyst
11:30 AM Rokkan Jaf, Journalist
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:30 PM Zana S. Rostae, Komal Islami
4:00 PM Abu Bakr Karwani, Kurdistan Islamic Union
6:00 PM Rabun Marouf, MP, Goran Movement
7:30 PM Khalil Ibrahim Mohammad, Kurdistan Islamic Union
8:30 PM Soran Omar, MP, Komal Islami
Saturday, July 15
9:30 AM Falah Mustafa Bakir, KRG Foreign Minister
10:30 AM Trip to PDKI Base in Koya, Mustafa Hijri, Secretary General of the PDKI
4:30 PM Liza Hido, President, Baghdad Women’s Association
6:00 PM Christine M. van den Toorn, Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies, AUIS
Sunday, July 16
10:00 AM Rebin Fatah, Journalist
12:00 PM Omed Khoshnaw, MP and Head of the KDP Bloc and Hiva Haji Mirkhan, MP and Head of the Finance Committee @ The Parliament

2:00 PM End Program



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