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The Ninth Tunis Exchange Politics Conference Closes – Meetings With Ghannouchi, Marzouk, ISIE President Sarsar & Other Leading Activists, Unionists, Politicians & Academics

I think Monica Marks, Safa Belghith and Imen Chouikh can agree: The Ninth Tunis Exchange was our best conference yet since we started the effort in Tunis in 2012! Many thanks to our more than 40 speakers as well as the 20 participants from eleven different countries. Stay tuned for the Tenth Tunis Exchange in January, 2018 via:
As well as, this Fall:
— The Second Yemen Exchange (Hosted in Beirut)
— The Second Erbil-Sulaymaniyah Exchange
— The First Libya Exchange (Hosted in Tunis)
— The Nineteenth Beirut Exchange (January, 2018)
Saturday, July 1, With Human Rights Watch
9:00AM-Welcome, Introductions and House Rules – Nicholas Noe, and Monica Marks, Oxford University
9:30AM-Human Rights in Egypt and the Maghreb since the Arab Revolts of 2011 – Sarah Leah Whitson, Human Rights Watch
10:30AM-The evolution of Human Rights in Egypt and the Maghreb over three decades – Eric Goldstein, HRW
11:45AM-Tunisia, HRW Staff
2:30PM-Libya, HRW Staff
4:15PM-Social Media & Human Rights in North Africa, HRW Staff
Sunday, July 2, With Human Rights Watch
9:30AM-Womens’ Rights in North Africa, HRW Staff
11:15AM-Egypt, HRW Staff
2:00PM-Algeria, HRW Staff
3:45PM-Morocco, HRW Staff
6:00PM-Michael Ayari, The International Crisis Group
Monday, July 3
9:30AM-Monica Marks, Oxford University
1:00PM-Huda Mzioudet, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2:30PM-Amine Ghali, Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center
6:00 PM-Farah Hached, Labo Démocratique
7:30 PM-Hamza Abidi and Abdo Slim, Activists
Tuesday, July 4
9:30AM-Nicolas Kaczorowski, IFES
10:30AM-Lubna Jribi, SOLIDAR
11:30AM-Salaheddine Jourchi, Co-founder An-Nahdha
1:00PM-Meherzia Laabidi, An-Nahdha
4:00PM-Gilbert Naccache, Author
5:30PM-Tarek Kahlaoui, Al-Irada
Wednesday, July 5
9:00AM-Khedija Arfaoui, Activist & Jane D. Tchaicha, Bentley College
10:30AM-Ahlem Belhaj, Association for Democratic Women/UGTT
12:00PM-Lotfi Zeitoun, An-Nahdha
1:00PM-Rached Ghannouchi, Co-Founder, An-Nahdha
3:00PM-Mohamed Ghariani, Ex-RCD
4:30PM-Faouzi Elloumi, Nidaa Tounes
6:00PM-Taoufik Bou Aoun, Director General, PM Office for Countering Violent Extremism
7:30PM-Houda Slim, MP, Machroua Tunis
Thursday, July 6
9:30AM-Zied Boussen, Activist
10:30AM-Kacem Afaya, UGTT
12:30PM-Salwa Gantri, ICTJ
2:30PM-Chafik Sarsar, President, ISIE
3:30PM-Yassine Brahim, President, Afeq Tunis
5:00PM-Mohsen Marzouk, President, Machroua Tunis
6:30PM-Noomane Fehri, BIAT Labs and Former Minister of Information
Friday, July 7
9:30AM-Mohamed Khouja, Founder, Jabhat Al-Islah
11:00AM-The Truth and Dignity Commission
2:00PM-Moncef Marzouki, Former President, Tunisia and Leader, Al-Irada
3:30PM-Noureddine Lajmi, President, HAICA
5:00PM-Achraf Aouadi, I-Watch
6:00PM-Sami Ben Gharbia, Co-Founder, Nawaat
Saturday, July 8
9:30AM-Salem Ayari, Union of Unemployed Graduates
11:00AM-Adnan Hajji, MP, Redeyef
12:00PM-Group Discussion
1:30PM-Steven Abdelatif, The Maison Tunis/YUKA

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