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SecDef Mattis reminds pro-intervention analysts of Military’s longstanding opposition to a Syria intervention

Remember: The various analysts that wanted to use the US military to collapse the Syrian regime – as early as the summer of 2011! – never had the US military or the intelligence community’s support. Even when it (wrongly) looked “easier.”

I would especially cite Emile Hokayem here.

In fact, most of the proponents of a US-led intervention in Syria have little or no training in military affairs, though they eagerly called for the projection of US force. Now Mattis has again expressed what was a longstanding military position for those who do actually have familiarity in the use of force (and to a certain degree, the use of diplomacy and impact of domestic political constraints):

“We just refuse to get drawn into a fight there in the Syria civil war, we try to end that one through diplomatic engagement,” he told reporters. “If somebody comes after us, bombs us or takes a heading on us or fires on us, then under legitimate self-defence we’ll do whatever we have to do to stop it.”

He said the US would not fire “unless they are the enemy, unless they are Isis.”

My pieces over the years on this subject are here:

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