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“Moroccan anger over the UAE and KSA’s attempts at dealing with Morocco as an annexed princedom…”

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On June 19, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following report: “The honeymoon between Morocco and the Gulf States mainly Saudi Arabia and the UAE has ended on the backdrop of these countries’ conflict with Qatar. The Moroccans’ anger increased when Abu Dhabi and Al-Riyadh tried to exploit the file of the Western Sahara to attack Morocco.

“In their conflict with Qatar whom they’re accusing of supporting terrorism, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the two countries that are leading the campaign against Doha, considered that Morocco will be siding with them just as the case of the Yemeni war. However, and in light of its local political problems caused by the [popular] movement in the Moroccan Rif, Morocco opted for full independence from the Saudi-Emirati axis mainly the UAE minister of defense and Crown Prince, Mohammad Bin Zayed, the friend of King Mohammad VI. Morocco thus distanced itself in fear of a military adventure against Qatar…


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