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First Yemen Exchange Conference Closes in Beirut

Our First Yemen Exchange, in partnership with the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies (, has now wrapped up! Congratulations to Adam Baron, Farea Al-muslimi and Aisha Jamal for bringing more than two dozen speakers representing a range of different perspectives to meet our participants. Stay tuned for the Second Yemen Exchange this Fall.

A partial list only of some of the speakers during the five days in Beirut:

Farea Al-Muslimi & Adam Baron, “Overview/Introduction”

Mansour Rageh, “Overview of Yemen’s economy two years after the war”

Maged Al-Madhaji, “Overview of Yemen’s politics”

Mustapha Noman, “Regional politics in Yemen”

Yasser Al-Roaini, “National Dialogue Conference outcomes”

Ali Ashal, “The past, present and future of the Islah Party”

Abdulkarim Makdishi, “Tribes and future roles in Yemen”

Yezid Saygh, “A regional overview and policy approaches”

Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, “Saleh and the General People’s Congress Party”

Zaid al-Thari, “The Houthi/GPC alliance”

Maysaa Shujaa Al-Deen, “Regional complexities in Yemen/Sectarianism”

Khaldoun Bakuhail, “Hadramawt”

Ammar al-Aulaqi, “Aden overview/Aulaqi tribes/youth”

Bilquis al-Lahabi, “The Yemeni women’s rights movement”

Ramon Blecua, “Europe and Yemen”

Tawfeek Al-Ganad, “A History of modern Yemen”

Abdulrahman al-Saqqaf, “The Socialist Party vision for Yemen and the South”

Ghaida Al-Rashidi, “The Southern Issue”






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