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Critical Information Left Out Of NYT Reporting on Syria

It is indeed mystifying how the New York Times does not mention the “Rafik Hariri” name of the Atlantic Center – and all of the implications which this funding and affiliation obviously brings – when The Times itself published a long investigation about… the foreign funding and biases of the whole DC think tank circuit only a few years ago:…/foreign-powers-buy-influence-at-think-tanks.html

Strangely Ben Hubbard mentions that the analyst is from Saudi Arabia – signifying that he can somehow speak for Arabs – but doesn’t mention the affiliation beyond what will seem like a neutral think tank to most readers.

Later on Noah Bonsey is quoted without reference to his vigorous support for a US-led military intervention/bombing campaign in Syria… only ICG is mentioned, which similarly does not help to inform the reader about who they are hearing from as analysts.

“A lot of this is an emotional response, but nothing about this strike suggests that the fundamentals of the Syria conflict have shifted,” said Noah Bonsey, a Syria analyst with the International Crisis Group.

I wrote a response to Noah’s ICG paper which called for US Intervention here:

“When NGOs Call For Military Intervention in Syria: The Case of the International Crisis Group”/Huffington Post, September 2015


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