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My 2016 piece responding to calls for a “limited” military intervention in Syria

My piece last year, here, responding to Thanassis Cambanis’s paper for TCF where I lay out why the military intervention ideas thrown out over the years are so dangerous (especially) when it comes to Syria… and why you can lay out such a case and still think the Assad regime is among the worst in the modern Middle East (a modern Mid East where, we must remember, so many awful regimes have been created and/or sustained by Great Power agendas).

I warned of the strategic and moral calamities that would likely follow any effort to bring about a “controlled collapse” of Assad – either through direct intervention or through militarized proxies – in 2011 and 2012 here:

“In Syria, We Need to Bargain with the Devil”/New York Times, February 2012

“A Third Way on Syria Is Possible”/Huffington Post, May 2011

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