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Saudi King, with a plane ride, seems to waive away Hariri’s financial troubles in KSA

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“… He continued: “Regarding the reports being circulated about the tense relations between Al-Hariri and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the intimate handshake between the two men is enough to confirm that these rumours are mere illusions.” The Saudi source then addressed the meeting that took place between Mohammad bin Salman and Al-Hariri, saying it was branched out, lasted four and a half hours, and tackled the successful coordination seen during the last stage on the Lebanese and Arab levels. Moreover, it was agreed to undertake political steps prior to the Lebanese parliamentary elections to further enhance the status and presence of the Future Movement… Regarding Oger’s crisis, the source settled for saying: “It is now behind us, and the dialogue that took place with Al-Hariri was much greater, deeper and more comprehensive. The coming days will thus be full of surprises,” without revealing their nature or timing…”النشرة-تكشف-بالتفاصيل-ماذا-دار-بين-الملك-السعودي-و

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