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Is a major Shi’i-Kurdish rift/conflict about to occur?

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On February 23, Shirzad Shikhani wrote the following piece in the Saudi-owned, Elaph website: “The Kurdish leaders are characterized by their constant failure when it comes to the political alliances. Indeed, throughout the history of the successive Kurdish revolutions, none of the Kurdish leaders made any good choices with respect to selecting their allies as well as the diplomatic management of the Kurdish liberation movements. This is perhaps the reason why the Kurdish people’s only friends are the mountains…

“The rapprochement between Barazani and Turkey has severely harmed the historical relationship between the Kurds and the Shi’is by weakening the ties they had formed during years of resistance against the Baathist dictatorship. Thus, a quasi-total estrangement occurred between the Barazani led Kurdistan territory and the Shi’i led federal government. To make things worse, Barazani monopolized the oil resources in Kurdistan and adopted the politics of economic independence from Baghdad with the aim of stealing the resources of the Kurdish people.

“These failed politics forced Baghdad to cut the Kurds’ from the state’s budget, thus resulting in the tragic situation that the people of Kurdistan are currently living through in light of the massive corruption that affects all the main aspects of life. These people are suffering from poverty, hunger and deprivation from the simplest components of a good life despite the fact that the exported quantities of oil are enough to cover the territory’s needs in terms of salaries and necessary funds for the economic and developmental revival. Instead, this money is finding its way to the pockets of the Barazani family.

“There have been some recent pieces of news indicating that Barazani and his party will be allying with some Sunni and Shi’i forces to prevent Mr. Al-Maliki from returning to power in Iraq at the next elections… Although we support the right of every political party to select its allies and agree with them, we are certain that this alliance is the result of Mr. Barazani’s personalization of the political differences. Indeed, there is no reason why Barazani should ally with forces that have been oppressing his people for the past thirty years.

“Perhaps the most serious indication in this regard consists of the news on the presence of some Baathist leaders in the city of Irbil, Barazani’s party stronghold. According to media reports, there are many signs indicating the presence of former Baathist leaders in Irbil, which raises questions on the presence of the “Baathist devil” among us, the devil that killed and massacred thousands and thousands of our people. If these pieces of news are correct, then this means that Kurdistan, thanks to its leaders, is proceeding into a deep abyss or a collapse similar to the 1975 collapse…”


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February 23, 2017 at 10:00 pm

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