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Qatar’s Al-Arab daily fires back at Lebanon Debate website: you got the wrong Al-Arab!

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On January 26, the Al-Arab newspaper carried the following report: “Two days ago, Al-Arab was taken by surprise when the Lebanese Debate website carried a report titled: “Qatar opens fire against the Trump Administration in an un-calculated adventure.” The report indicated that we have published a report that attacks the U.S. President, Donald Trump in addition to claiming that Qatar has jotted down its name as the first country, the media outlets of which have opened fire against the Administration of the new U.S. president, only two days following his official inauguration as president of the country.

“[The Lebanon Debate report further indicated] that Al-Arab newspaper, which has an official support in Qatar, dedicated its pages to attack two assistants of the new president, Dr. Walid Fares, and Egyptian national, Dina Habib. Below is the link to the report carried by Lebanon Debate: The surprising fact is that Al-Arab never carried this report in the first place and that it was rather the London-based Al-Arab newspaper that published it. Here is the link to the actual report:

“Although the Lebanon Debate website did realize this major professional mistake that it made – a mistake that goes all the way to being a full-fledged crime since it invented stories and analyses on something that does not, in any way, concern Al-Arab or the State of Qatar – the website failed to correct these lies or to present an apology to our newspaper as it should have. This reveals an ill intent towards Al-Arab and the positions of the State of Qatar, which works for and supports all that leads to consolidating stability for the people of the region and the Arab and Islamic nations. The [Lebanon Debate] website failed to respond to the correspondence by Al-Arab’s editorial management to correct this mistake, which prompted us to publish this report. Al-Arab will be taking all necessary legal measures to counter the damages yielded by the attribution of a report that it never actually published.”


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January 27, 2017 at 7:00 pm

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