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Al-Akhbar on rumors of Bahaa vs. Saad face-off in upcoming elections… and romance with Rifi!

Translated in part below and in full in our Daily Briefing via

On January 26, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report: “…Following the assassination of PM Rafik al-Hariri in February 2005, the Future movement supporters gathered in front of the family’s house and chanted: “Bahaa, Bahaa, Bahaa.” They wanted to thrust the bequeathal cloak on Bahaa al-Hariri’s shoulders. The TV cameras filmed the eldest son on that day who came out and greeted the people. However, the Hariri supporters’ chants were not heard by the ruling family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which decided that Sa’adeddine, Bahaa’s brother, should be in power. Thus, a few years later, then man became prime minister.

“As for Bahaa, he turned to his private business but never really digested the fact that the power rug was pulled from under his feet. He has many comments regarding his brother’s performance both politically and administratively. Although he made no statements in person, he however never denied, especially in the past eight years, the news regarding him, which led to further enhancing such news. There are many examples to that, the last of which is the relationship between him and the retired, Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi, a relationship that emerged during the municipal elections. Bahaa did not deny the news regarding him funding Rifi’s list. Instead of him responding to the “rumors” regarding his coordination with the former justice minister by publishing a photo with his brother, a photo showing him with Rifi and the man in charge of the latter’s protection team, Maj. Mohammad al-Rifai, emerged after the municipal elections…


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