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An unprecedented, symbiotic security relationship between the Lebanese Army, Hizbullah and the CIA

An important piece translated today by our

I wrote about this in 2014 for the European Council on Foreign Relations:

European Council on Foreign Relations – On Lebanon’s New Security Symbiosis/September 2014

Today’s piece in El-Nashra:الثلاثية-الأمنية-تضرب-بقوة-الجيش-والمقاومة-CIA
“…Likewise, the Army Intelligence apparatus was able to arrest Bilal Ch. in Tripoli, a suicide bomber who also intended to detonate himself… At this level, the source revealed that cooperation between the Lebanese security bodies was an important factor in securing these accomplishments. But he pointed to another type of cooperation which deserved to be addressed, i.e. the CIA’s cooperation with Lebanese security. Indeed, he indicated that the current stage was witnessing an exceptional cooperation that had led to the paralysis of the terrorist activities, though he did not wish to tackle the nature and causes of this cooperation, especially since war on terrorism was ongoing. He assured nonetheless: “The CIA, Hezbollah security apparatus and the Army Intelligence constitute the main source of information in the face of terrorism…”


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