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Syria Analyst Andrew Tabler gives two contradictory takes on Russian “withdrawal” to NY Times in space of a few hours

Remember this from Andrew Tabler a while ago – now he has been forced to change his position on the Syria Conflict even further with his NYT op-ed today.

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One of the most important aspects of the Syria war to consider five years on – and so many ruined lives later – is the intensely negative impact of some leading Syria analysts, especially in Washington D.C., who have repeatedly fed wrong analyses to the media, the public and policymakers – and who have rarely been called out on it, much less dispensed with as “go to” voices. This issue has been unfortunately accompanied by the other negative trend of Syria analysts (and human rights advocates, conflict mitigation experts etc.) – some of whom never spent anytime in Syria – recommending a cocktail of military solutions when they have little or no training/expertise in military affairs.

One remembers “analyses” that Hezbollah and Iran were already massively deployed in Syria as early as the summer of 2011 (i.e. just after the Deraa protests of mid-March 2011); that the revolt had near…

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