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TRANSLATED Iranian reformist commentator: Trump is better for Iran than Clinton

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On July 23, a commentary by Jahanbakhsh Izadi in the reformist Arman-e Emruz said: “The American election is important for Iran in several aspects. First, regardless of which administration will rise to power, it will not follow the same direction as Mr. Obama did with regard the JCPOA – neither Mrs. Clinton who says that ‘I will be strict on the JCPOA’ nor Mr. Trump who says ‘I will tear up the JCPOA.’ This course is almost different from Mr. Obama’s course. Apparently, Mr. Obama’s approach on the JCPOA and the nuclear course was more flexible, and this is why his approach may become a bit harsher… To find out which one of the US presidential candidates would create fewer risks for Iran after winning the election, depends on the Islamic Republic of Iran. If Iran adopts interactive policies, Mr. Trump will be less dangerous for Iran because he is a businessman who understands the value of a good deal. Secondly, a businessman does not favour isolationism, enters into affairs, and is more daring because of the type of business in which he is involved. Thirdly, the Republicans and Trump, who is one of them, do not interfere in the internal affairs of countries. They are more interested in foreign issues and their net interests. History also shows that Iranian political establishments, regardless of the administrations and their approaches, have sustained more loss from Democrats than from Republicans…

[On Hillary:]
“First, she will focus greatly on human rights. These policies will bode badly for Iran.

“Secondly, she is closer to regional allies on the first against Iran – allies such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Israeli regime.

“Thirdly, she will extend more support for the Israeli regime against any kind of threat that may arise.

“Fourthly, she will be stricter in implementing the JCPOA.

“Therefore, one could admit that Mrs. Clinton will actually be the one of the candidates with the most programmes and strategies.”


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